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About the Five Element Medicine Path (FEMP)


Source: Excerpts from Jaki Daniels' Website. Please click link to access full description:

"The Five Element Medicine Path is a unique approach to the Natural Healing Arts. Developed by Jaki Daniels, whose practice is rooted in both the traditional ways of Indigenous medicine people and the science of Classical Chinese Medicine, it offers a truly holistic and functional approach to health and wellness.

"Classical Chinese Medicine Five Element Healing is one of the world’s oldest healing traditions and has been in continuous use for approximately 2500 years. It is an extremely complex system of medicine, based in the laws of nature, the cycles of life, and the flow of life-force energy. This life-force energy (sometimes called chi or ki), which all living beings possess, flows through the body in precise pathways that are called meridians. Twelve meridians run bilaterally up and down the body, and provide the foundation of our functional support, on all levels, body, mind, and spirit. Our life-force energy is the ‘force’ that fuels and animates every aspect of who we are, from our physical organs and systems, to the clear functioning of the mind, to the joyful and compassionate nature of our spirit. We can only ‘be’ as functional and effective in our lives and relationships as the life-force energy which flows through our meridians. If there are blocks or disruptions to the flow, symptoms will appear as alarm signals to alert the patient that corrections are needed. In Five Element healing however, it is not the symptoms that are treated.


"A five element treatment then, is the re-establishment of the full flow of life-force energy in ALL the meridians. This begins the process of restoring your body/being to the functionality required to activate the innate, natural healing processes, re-establishes balance throughout the systems, and begins the process of the restoration of health."

Stacey FEMP Internship - Opportunity to Volunteer

Having completed the 2-year classroom study in the FEMP program, I am now in the internship stage of my training, and looking for in-person volunteers who are able to meet with me (30 min west of Calgary, Alberta) for an initial intake assessment that will range in time from 2-3 hours.

The intake is comprised of the following: 

1. I begin by getting to know YOU, through holding space and deeply listening as you share your story; who you are and what you have been through. During this time I will be writing notes (approx 1-2 hours).

2. We move to the treatment table, where you can relax and get comfortable as I take the meridian pulses at each wrist, and perform some gentle, non-invasive touch-based assessments. 

3. This process directly engages my developing skills in the ability to offer treatments that will be customized to each individual. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please note this is not a Five Element treatment. If you are interested in this healing work please see the section below for more info.

If interested in volunteering - please contact me at 

Stacey FEMP Internship - Clinically Supervised Sessions

The final stage of my internship training is to begin offering treatments, under supervision, to those interested in receiving Five Element sessions on a regular basis. The first session will be held in the practice location of the supervising practitioner. Once this requirement is complete, I will graduate to a Five Element Healing Arts Practitioner and you will be welcome to book with me directly to receive further treatments. 

A clinically supervised session includes : 

1. As in the initial assessment (above) I begin by getting to know YOU, through holding space and deeply listening as you share your story; who you are and what you have been through. During this time I will be writing notes. 

2. We move to the treatment table, which includes taking the meridian pulses at each wrist, and using subtle touch to influence both the quality and quantity of the life force flow. When all meridians are balanced and harmonious, the treatment is complete. 

3. Please note that payment is required for this portion of the training as you will receive a full Five Element treatment. 

4. Healing is a journey and a series of treatments is more impactful and sustaining than a single session. If you would like to continue to work with me, I am happy to provide further details. 


*Please note that supervised sessions require scheduling with Jaki or one of her trained practitioners, so booking 4-6 weeks in advance may be required.

Full details of a Five Element Session can be found on Jaki's website at: 


If you are interested in receiving a Five Element treatment - please contact me at 


If either of these opportunities to work with me are in alignment with you, I would love to hear from you. I'm looking forward to connecting!

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