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About Stacey Lynn

As early as my first memories, I remember being attuned to how people, places, animals and objects felt. There was always this knowing and understanding through the sensations within my body and spirit that I realize now was, and continues to be, extra-sensory perception. 

My journey has been filled with an array of human emotions within the continuum of pain and joy as I navigated life trying to ignore the true calling of my soul. Through commitment, trust, experience, divine teachers and earth teachers, I've gained a foundation and an understanding of how to work as a bridge for spirit for the purposes of helping others.

I continue to evolve and develop my relationship with spirit through experiencing divine nature every day, to embody and integrate the lessons learned, and continually be open to new experiences and beliefs. I always say my beliefs are based on my experiences and if my experiences change, then so will my beliefs! I stay fluid and open to the array of possibilities out there and allow the flow to gently guide me.

I work with my sensitivity to receive messages from spirit, guides and allies, to support you in your healing.

The services I offer are the most compartmentalized way I’m able to share how spirit works with me. My offerings are intended to bring a sense of awareness, healing, connectedness and understanding to help support you as you navigate your path.

If you resonate with me and my offerings – I am eternally grateful for the crossing of our paths and the potential opportunity to work with you.

From my heart to yours,


Note: If you have an hour and would like to hear more detail about my story, the catalyst that changed the trajectory of my life, my connection with Metatron and more, then I invite you to click on the link. My Elder and teacher, Jaki Daniels shared this interview on her website:

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