Energy Healing (Remote Session)

Audio of Channeled Session sent via link

  • 45 minutes
  • 111 Canadian dollars
  • Please note: this service is performed remotely, you do not attend the session.

Service Description

With the support of spirit (through seeing, sensing, hearing), we work on clearing your energy field of blocks that are inhibiting your life force energy from flowing freely. This can be done by any number of methods, such as clearing and balancing chakras, removing intrusive energies, cutting energetic cords etc. Spirit will also convey personal messages to you during the session that may assist in your healing journey. Any number of modalities may be used in a session, such as: Reiki Shamanic Healing Methods Crystals Sound Cardomancy Mediumship Angelic Healing Note: Belief in the power of energy healing is not necessary, however, your openness greatly enhances the process of receiving the healing. Openness allows the energy to flow more fully. Format: *This service is performed remotely, you do not attend the session* On the day booked in my calendar, I will tune into your energy from a distance and record the session on audio that is later sent to you via link. Process: • Step 1: Book a date and time in my calendar (you do not have to be available during this time – it simply books my time to perform the session for you). • Step 2: On the date you booked in my calendar, I will tune into you and complete the session. There is nothing for you to do – simply carry on with your day as usual :) • Step3: Within 3 business days (excludes weekends) of completing your session, I will send your channeled audio via an ‘unlisted’ YouTube link to the email address you provided during booking. Note: ‘unlisted’ means only those with a direct link are able to access it. • Step 4: Enjoy! Disclaimer: I do what is in my capacity as a practitioner to assist your energy and support your inherent energetic intelligence to self-heal. I could never profess to be able to cure any illness or affliction or know the expected outcome. Always ask yourself if the messages resonate and feel right to you before accepting them as your truth. If they do - great! If not - then leave them and don't take them in. Always exercise discernment when taking in messages from anyone as all decisions are your personal responsibility of your own free-will and autonomy. You must be a legal adult in your jurisdiction to have an energy healing session. Energy healing should not replace professional advice of any kind.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me at least 24 hours in advance at

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