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In-Person Sessions


27 River Drive N

Bragg Creek, AB

Logistics on Arrival

Where: your session will be held in the STUDIO (left side when you enter). I'm typically waiting in the studio, but if I'm not there, please come in and have a seat and I will be with you shortly.

Parking: The gate will typically be closed until just before your session time. Once the gate is open, please park on the parking pad to the left when you enter.

Bathroom: Please note there is no bathroom inside the studio, so it's encouraged to go prior to your arrival. However, if needed, you are absolutely able to use the bathroom in the house.

*Please note: There are 3 buildings when you enter

HOUSE (straight ahead)

CABIN (right side)

STUDIO (left side)

Classical Chinese Five Element Energy Session

What To Know

Section Subtitle

- You will be laying face-up and fully clothed on the massage table

- Comfortable clothing is beneficial

- Please do not wear:

  • Make-up

  • Perfume/Scent (strong hair products/deodorant/essential oils, etc.)


Energy Session - General

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